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Neck Pain Specialist in De Pere, Wisconsin

Recent statistics show that neck pain affects 45% of the working population. At any given time about 12% of the female population and

9% of the male population suffers from neck pain.

The neck is a delicate area that has an abundance of nerves, muscles, ligaments, and blood vessels that can become affected and cause neck pain. The way those structures are affected and in turn cause neck pain are numerous. Most commonly neck pain is due to an injury or trauma to the neck like whiplash or chronic poor posture.

In both cases, gentle chiropractic adjustments help to restore the normal position of the neck and take the pressure off of the nerves, muscles, and blood vessels that are causing the pain.

Other things that can help:

• Gentle stretches through all neck ranges of motion. (Forward, backward, rotate and bend side to side)

• Lay on the ground and place a rolled-up hand towel under your neck and allow your head to relax over the top.

•Give yourself a “double chin”. Tuck and draw your chin back to strengthen the deep anterior muscles in your neck.

• Proper posture when sitting and using cellphones, tablets and computers.


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